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January 1, 2013
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December Dump by RianaLD December Dump by RianaLD
Happy New Year everyone! It's that time again for another DUMP

1. & 2.
The first week of December had me with severe anxiety um attacks? It was when we discovered that me and Steve might have serious problems attaining an apartment. So during the uncertainty, I made some vent art. Luckely Steve came to the rescue and that problem is long solved. We have a cute apartment in an amazing location with no problems! ^^

SCOW concept sketch portraying Suihira again. It was fun playing with the lighting. I remember originally having the foreground in silhouette but it was hard to see the figures/horses so I put them in light.

I have a daily goal (which totally fell apart in December lol) to draw once a day, so that was my "I'm forcing myself to draw something" drawing.

5. & 6.
The only upload-worthy doodles I made during the semester. The dog was for science class where we had to try to copy a picture of a dog without tracing. I think the point was it was individuality or something. I gave mine an iron jaw. That's pretty individualized if you ask me.

I tried to draw Rudolph my own way. Eh.

8. & 9.
My friend took me to the street fair and I saw this necklace for sale. I thought it looked like something that could belong in SCOW, until I realized that it looked like a peppermint candy. So I drew a little sequential thing about Dija receiving the necklace from Salina and then Serin making comment about it.

One morning I just could.not.draw for the "Another Christmas With Sonic" storyboard so I vented about it in my own special way.

My first thought I had when I finished the storyboard. I'm a sad person. :U

Here's to 2013 and a hopefully much less anxious move to LA! :D
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FuzzySlipper Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
You coud keep the necklace design, but change the charm to something suitable, perhaps.
FatalSyndrome Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Number 4 kills me hahahaha.
Domestic-hedgehog Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2013  Hobbyist
lol this is cool. I like the last one. :XD:
it seems like you really missed drawing those characters. What will you do without them <:
KplKabbage Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
number 2 looks like observing with intensity
chickenoverlord Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Good luck with your new place.

I don't know why but i love the number 2 expression XD and 4 definitely can relate.
RianaLD Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Thanks man :D Least we're both on vacation in regards to 4 hehe
chickenoverlord Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
yep :highfive:
Lord-Kiyo Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013
Well good that you got the apartment, hope you all like it.
Rudolph looks great, I love his expression.
TifaRayne Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I love Steve's expression in the final panel. Priceless. XD

Also, I wish you all the best with your move, Riana! And Steve! It goes without saying that Pizza wishes the same. :nod:
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