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Suihira: The Madness of Queen Riana by RianaLD
Suihira: The Madness of Queen Riana
Another test page for my graphic novel as well as a peek into my psyche as of late...

I've had some really good feedback from a few people on my teaser saying that the art style of my teaser pages (which you can see in my gallery if you haven't already.) I remember complaining to my friend that I wish I could just make the comic with a sketchy style that I like to work with when I make concept sketches but I don't feel it was presentable enough (as I feel it's sorta rough and unpolished but thankfully that can actually be a legitimate "style" as opposed to being "sloppy" if done right). She luckily encouraged me to give it a try and I'm actually very happy with how this came out! I hate doing line-art anyway and I sort of function more as a painter. Besides, everyone and their brother does lineart for their comics, I should try something new! 

Let me know what you guys think, too! 


Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Full time artist, part time original story writer. Occasional fanartist.

First off, apologies for the inactivity. The past couple of years I've done more sketching than making presentable work that I feel is worthy to be in a deviantART gallery. But I can promise you, that it'll change very soon! If you follow any of my tumblr blogs, either personal or my art blog, you might know what I have up my sleeve! 

Anyway, I think I will take the opportunity to reflect on "my deviantART story," because I feel it appropriate given where I am now artistically and the role this website played to get me there. 

I joined here in 2003 (holy jeeze...) when I just turned 12 years old. My first deviation was this: 
Beach foals by Lightning-Duchess
I was really really excited about finally uploading my work to a website than a forum, as I did for a few months. That's where I got my real start, and that was when I discovered all I ever wanted to do was draw. I didn't even necessarily feel like an artist, I felt like a creator. Since then I've put all kinds of labels on myself, such as "prospective animator," "illustrator," "sketch artist," and what have you, but I have recently gone full-circle and I'm calling myself a creator again. But for the sake of clients, I usually use the term "cartoonist" and "sketch artist." 

Anyways, my interest at the time of joining dA was an even mix of Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, Sonic the Hedgehog, and The Lion King. I was a frequent fanartist, rarely making original content. From 2004 to 2007 or so, my artwork was nearly exclusive to Sonic the Hedgehog fanart, mostly work relating to my fanfiction I wrote at the time. Honestly, as much as I may pretend I regret that embarrassing project was published on the internet, I really don't. My Sonic fanfiction really got me into drawing, and I was drawing all the time. My skills in art vastly improved, because I had to think about character design, setting, storytelling, and drawing sequentially. Did I do them well? Maybe not? But I was making something, and I was making something that I considered mine. This horse drawing was done shortly after I decided to stop my Sonic fanfiction.   
Horsona lol by Lightning-Duchess
In 2007 my good friend jayfoxfire introduced me to my boyfriend of now 7 years. Because of that, a lot of positive things have happened to me artistically. Besides being fortunate and amazingly lucky to have this man in my life, he now is taking very good care of me while I go to school in Los Angeles to learn art in school to polish my skills. Thanks to him (and my family, as they pay for my tuition), I don't need to juggle a job and school, like so many people have to in this cruel college environment that this country has needs to do. I'm also eternally grateful that I live with him, too. He is the best person to have around all the time! 

Between 2007 and 2011 I spent a long time evaluating what I wanted to do artistically. I had invested my artistic "life," so-to-speak, making fanart. I hardly knew how to do anything else. I tried making a story with cats, however, it was missing an important human element that I felt I needed to express. I wasn't good at drawing people, and at the time, I wasn't interested.
Comic Page by RianaLD
Then I went to college and I knew right away I loved the illustration classes as opposed to the fine arts class. Currently I'm working on my B.F.A. in Illustration and I love it so much. However, between then and now, I thought I wanted to be an animation major, or at least a entertainment design major. I struggled a lot with what school I wanted to go into, but thankfully I found a perfect one, and one that even lets me adjust my illustration major to include pre-production animation elements into my curriculum. 

Going back to my deviantART, in early 2011, I suddenly became obsessed with South Park. This became a blessing and a curse. Because I had spent 4 years without a franchise to be enveloped with, and South Park spoke to me at the time. Plus, the characters were very fun to draw. However, my teachers looked down on my constant SP fanarting (as fanarting usually is in college, but let me tell you guys something real quick, fanart all you want, just don't tell people. I have a professor in my university that is a brilliant artist and obsessed with Naruto. She has a secret Naruto sketchbook hidden in her house. Also keep in mind, fanart is a great way for people to find your work--just don't let it be all you do.) This was absolutely vital for me to get me to actually be interested in human characters. 
South Park 1501 Aftermath by RianaLD
Plus it was really killer that a piece of artwork I made got into the South Park fanart gallery in Comic con. Oddly enough, that's what lead to the downfall of my obsession. I was planting seeds for my new obsession, a story that involved people, finally. I could finally express what I had been missing to express in almost four years. 
Charas by RianaLDBeatHollow 01 by RianaLDBeatHollow 03 dA by RianaLD

Buuuuut that still wasn't what I was looking for. I hastily put out a comic page of this new story I had. There was little to no writing involved. My friend Ayemae quickly stopped me in my tracks and thankfully told me that I should really put time into this project, especially the non-visual part of it--the writing. So, I then took the time between late 2011 and now to fabricate a story. I saved the writing portion of this project until this year. During 2012 and the early half of 2013, I spent a toooooooon of time sketching. I sketched places, characters, everything I wanted the story to be. Tree by RianaLD
That's where tumblr came in, really. Believe me, it has a big spot in my "deviantART" story, because tumblr doesn't have an efficient commenting system. I had to draw exclusively for myself for once and it let me take a break from the opinions of people on dA for a while. And I enjoyed every moment of it. Now I'm still in the middle of writing the story, but I feel I'm at a good spot to start. I uploaded the two test pages and I feel it was a success. 
Suihira: Test Page 1 by RianaLD Suihira: Test Page 2 by RianaLD
And for the future of my deviantART story? This website will probably be the first host of this webcomic! :clap:

I'm also going to make a new deviantART account, soon. I would just change the name of RianaLD to something else, however, I feel that this website has too much of a fanart legacy, so I will leave it be. 

Onward to the future! 

Oh, and for the sake of being able to put thumbs of artwork, here are the 5 pieces that I find amazing and very inspiring! These are the works that I didn't look at and later forget about, but they have been in my mind long after its initial viewing!

bahati by AMSBT Scorched earth by arcipello Bagheera's love story by barbarasobczynska Some Layouts by mhannecke fh4 by sandara


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Hi im rikubattle, I love South Park and my favorite is Butters.
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Ayyyynow Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
  Hey RianaLD,  I've got a few questions to ask you:

  Q1:  What inspired you to become an artist?  It doesn't have to be personal

  Q2:  What is your first Sonic OC besides yourself and your boyfriend?

  Q3:  What are your thoughts on the anime Sonic X, and the upcoming CN show Sonic Boom?

  Sweating a little...   Holy crap, that's a lot of questions  LOL XD

  About the project of your writing of your story, I really do like the concept of the story so far ( That's all I'm going to say about my thoughts on that LOL) I am a dummy!   Good Luck on working on your story.

  Hopefully, you'll have a great day :)
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Your webcam is so cute. =) And I like the picture for that Sonic Scared Stupid video.
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